Is Sonic open on Thanksgiving Day in 2024?

As the festive season approaches, a common query among fast-food enthusiasts is, “Is Sonic open on Thanksgiving Day?” Understanding Sonic Drive-In’s operating hours, especially during holidays like Thanksgiving, is crucial for those planning to enjoy their favorite meals.

is sonic open on thanksgiving day

This article provides a comprehensive guide to Sonic Thanksgiving hours, addressing questions like “Is Sonic open Thanksgiving Day?” and “What are Sonic hours Thanksgiving?” We’ll delve into the specifics of Sonic’s schedule during Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and explore whether Sonic Drive-In maintains its regular hours on this family-centric holiday.

Sonic Drive-In Hours 2024

Sonic Drive-In offers consistent operating hours for most of the week, with extended hours on weekends. Here is a breakdown of their typical schedule:

  • Monday to Thursday: Open from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM.
  • Friday and Saturday: Open from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM, providing an extra hour for weekend diners.
  • Sunday: Open from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM, aligning with their weekday schedule.

Please note, Sonic Drive-In will be closed on major Holidays. Customers are encouraged to plan their visits outside this holiday.

Is Sonic open on Thanksgiving Day?

Sonic Drive-In will not be open on Thanksgiving Day in 2024.

This decision aligns with Sonic’s established holiday schedule, which traditionally includes closures on major holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Customers are advised to plan their visits accordingly, as Sonic will not be open on these specific days.

Why Sonic Drive In closed on Thanksgiving day?

Sonic Drive-In typically closes on Thanksgiving Day to allow its employees to spend the holiday with their families, reflecting a common practice in the retail and food service industries. This closure acknowledges the cultural importance of Thanksgiving, prioritizes work-life balance for staff, and responds to the lower customer demand on this family-centric holiday.

Sonic Thanksgiving Meals

sonic thanksgiving meal

Thanksgiving Meal Special at Sonic: Give yourself a well-deserved break from the holiday meal preparations and bring your family to Sonic Drive-In. Every Tuesday from 5 PM until closing, Sonic offers a fantastic half-price Cheeseburger deal.

This special offer is exclusively available through the Sonic mobile app and is valid at participating Sonic Drive-Ins in Illinois and Indiana. It’s a perfect opportunity to add a delicious twist to your Thanksgiving festivities with Sonic’s savory treats!

2024 Sonic Drive-In Holiday Hours

DateDayHolidaysSonic’s Hours
Jan 01SundayNew Year’s Day6 AM – 11 PM
Jan 16MondayMartin Luther King Jr. Day6 AM – 11 PM
Feb 20MondayPresidents’ Day6 AM – 11 PM
Apr 07FridayGood Friday6 AM – 11 PM
Apr 09SundayEaster Sunday6 AM – 11 PM
May 29MondayMemorial Day6 AM – 11 PM
Jul 04TuesdayIndependence Day6 AM – 11 PM
Sep 04MondayLabor Day6 AM – 11 PM
Oct 09MondayColumbus Day6 AM – 11 PM
Nov 11SaturdayVeterans Day6 AM – 11 PM
Nov 23ThursdayThanksgivingClosed
Nov 24FridayBlack Friday6 AM – 11 PM
Dec 24SundayChristmas Eve6 AM – 11 PM
Dec 25MondayChristmas DayClosed
Dec 31SundayNew Year’s Eve6 AM – 11 PM

Please note that some Sonic locations may have extended hours or be closed on certain holidays.

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Sonic Drive-In will not be open on Thanksgiving Day 2024, reflecting its respect for the holiday’s cultural significance and commitment to employee well-being. For those inquiring about “Sonic open on Thanksgiving,” it’s advised to plan alternative dining options. This guide aims to clarify any confusion around “Sonic’s hours Thanksgiving,” ensuring a smooth holiday season.

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