Sonic Promo Codes & Deals for April and May 2024

Sonic Drive-In, a favorite amongst many, is ushering in 2024 with an array of enticing deals. For both the budget-conscious diner and the food enthusiast, Sonic promo Codes 2024 promises a delicious dining experience without breaking the bank.

Sonic Drive-In Promo Codes Delight

Eager to grab a quick bite without denting your wallet? Look no further! Sonic Menu has lined up an array of offers:

sonic promo code
  • Burger Lover’s Dream: One of the hottest promo codes up for grabs is the one offering a staggering 50% discount on burgers.
  • Double the Fun: The promo code for Sonic that’s catching everyone’s attention? A deal that lets you pick any two items, be it wraps or cheeseburgers, for just $5.
  • Sonic App Exclusives: Delve deep into discounts by accessing the Sonic app promo codes. From breakfast entrées at half the price to specials on cheeseburgers and slushies, there’s a deal for every palate. For those curious about more savings, the sonic app promo codes Reddit discussions often reveal hidden gems.
  • All-Day Treats: The Sonic promo code list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the all-day breakfast. Why limit the first meal of the day to just mornings?

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Current Best Sonic Drive-In Promo Codes and Offers for April 2024

Maximize your savings at Sonic with our top promo codes and deals. Whether you’re craving a quick snack or planning a full meal, our discounts will make your purchase more enjoyable.

sonic app promo codes

Best Sonic Promo code and Deals for April 2024

  • 10% Off Your Total Purchase: Use code ISH at checkout to enjoy 10% off on everything from drinks to desserts.
  • Buy 1, Get 1 Free Buffalo Chicken Bites: Double the flavor with our special promo code ACK. Buy one order of Buffalo Chicken Bites and get another absolutely free.
  • 20% Off with Official Sonic Coupons: Get an exclusive 20% discount on your orders using our trusted Sonic coupons.
  • $1 Off Any Sonic Order: Save $1 instantly on your next order with coupon code LTY. Every little saving adds up!
  • $2 Double Cheeseburger: Indulge in a double cheeseburger for just $2 with code GER. It’s a deal too good to pass up!
  • Half-Price Drinks and Slushes: Enjoy 1/2 price drinks and slushes every day between 2-4 PM with promo code LOW. Refresh for less!
  • 50% Off Garlic Butter Bacon Burger: Bite into our savory Garlic Butter Bacon Burger for half the price.
  • Up to 50% Off with Weekly Deals: Check back every week for new deals saving you up to 50% on select items at Sonic. Use code LOW to unlock these savings.
  • Save with Everyday Deals: Our ongoing promotions ensure you get more for your money every day.
  • Half-Price Cheeseburgers: Every day, enjoy 50% off on Sonic’s cheeseburgers. Treat yourself to a tasty burger at a fantastic price.
  • 50% Off All Day Slushes: Quench your thirst with any of our slushes at half the price, all day. Use promo code LOW.
  • 50% Off All Drinks: Stay refreshed with 50% off all drinks using the coupon code included. It’s the perfect way to cool down and save.

Best Sonic Promo Codes and Offers for May 2024

Discover the hottest deals and verified promo codes at Sonic Drive-In. With a variety of offers tailored to meet all your dining needs, enjoy significant savings on your next visit!

Featured Discounts and Offers:

  • 50% Discount on Any Purchase: Activate a huge 50% off your next order using the promo code HONEYBURGER.
  • Get a Sonic Blast for Free: Treat yourself to a free Sonic Blast. Simply enter code SHENRY1215 at checkout.
  • $5 Off Through the Sonic App: Download the Sonic app and use the code APPDEAL to take $5 off your next purchase.
  • BOGO Deal on Chicken Sandwich or Fries: Buy one chicken sandwich or fries and get another free with the code BOGO4U.
  • Save Up to $1 on Snacks & Sides: Enjoy a discount of up to $1 on select snacks and sides with code CHILI.
  • Half-Price Sonic Cheeseburgers on Tuesdays: Every Tuesday, use the deal in the app or online to receive 50% off Sonic cheeseburgers.
  • 50% Off Sonic Blasts: Preempt the rush with a 50% discount on Sonic Blasts, available with the code BLASTS.
  • Crispy Tender Wraps for Just $1.99: Don’t miss out on crispy tender wraps offered at a special price of $1.99.
  • Exclusive Free Patreon Access: Use the promo code ENCHANTED to gain free Patreon content exclusively at Sonic.
  • Extra $5 Off Your Entire Order: Apply the promo code VALENTINE to save an additional $5 on your order.
  • 50% Off Drinks and Slushes via the Sonic App: Enjoy a 50% reduction on drinks and slushes when you order through the Sonic app with the code DELISH.
  • Two Free Large Sonic Blasts: Score two large Sonic Blasts for free by using the promo code FREEBLAST.
  • Complimentary Large Drink or Slush with App Purchase: Receive a free large drink or slush with any app purchase, using the code PUPPYBOWL.
  • Free Sonic Cheeseburger with App Use: Grab a Sonic Cheeseburger for free when ordering through the app with code TASTY.
  • Special Price on Chili Cheese Tots or Fries: Enjoy medium chili cheese tots or fries for only $0.99 with the code SALEMOMENT.

How to Use Your Deals:

  1. Pick the deal you like.
  2. Enter the promo code when you order.
  3. Enjoy your Sonic treats for less!

Get these deals while they last and enjoy your Sonic favorites without spending a lot!

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Sonic Drive-In’s 2024 Promotions or Deals

Sonic Drive-In is welcoming 2024 with a series of exciting promotions, catering to everyone from budget diners to food lovers. Customers can enjoy a variety of offerings at great discounts with promo codes at Sonic.

Main Deals at Sonic Menu Items

  • Burger Discounts: Grab your favorite burgers at 50% off.
  • Combo Offers: Mix and match any two items like wraps or cheeseburgers for just $5.
  • All-Day Breakfast: Break the morning routine with Sonic’s all-day breakfast options.

App-Exclusive Deals:

  • Digital Savings: Use the Sonic app for exclusive discounts on breakfast items, cheeseburgers, and slushies.
  • Sonic is based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. For more information, call 1-866-657-6642 or visit their official website.

More from Sonic App Promo Code Extravaganza

Beyond the staple Sonic restaurants promo codes, there are other enticing offers:

sonic promo codes
  • Twist to Tantalize: Experience the soft pretzel twist, available for just $1 with a special promo code sonic has introduced.
  • Sip and Save: The Happy Hour Promo is a must for drink lovers, offering 50% savings daily.
  • App Advantage: The sonic app promo code isn’t just about food. You’ll find in-app rewards, exclusive summer snacks, and for those in the gifting spirit, the option to shop $5 personalized gift cards.
  • Specials for Seniors: If you’re 60 or above, a promo code for Sonic ensures a 10% discount or a free drink.

For those wanting more, offers like free delivery on orders above $50, 50% off breakfast entrées exclusively on the app, and a free toy with the Wacky Pack meal are up for grabs.

In particular, the free sonic blast promo code and free Promo codes 2024 from Sonic have garnered significant attention for added delights.

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FAQs Regarding Sonic Promo Code

How to Avail Discounts at Sonic?

Avail 50% off on items like cheeseburgers and slushies via the Sonic app. Register for Sonic Rewards for the discount. No separate Sonic coupon required.

What’s the Code for a Free Cheeseburger at Sonic?

Use the promo code “TASTY” on the Sonic app to get a free cheeseburger.

How to Find Promo Codes Generally?

You can Google search, use coupon toolbars, extensions, check dedicated coupon websites, sign up for newsletters, use live chats, or check sites like Slickdeals.

Getting a Free Drink from Sonic?

Download the Sonic app and sign up to get a free medium drink.

How to Avail 50% Discount at Sonic?

Enjoy Sonic Happy Hour from 2 pm-4 pm to get 50% off on selected items.

Is There a Secret Menu at Sonic?

Yes, Sonic allows customizations, and there’s an unofficial “secret menu”. Flavoring add-ons may cost extra.

Where to Watch ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 2’ for Free?

After its debut on Paramount+, the movie is available on Amazon Prime Video for free.

What Was the Deal at Sonic on September 22, 2022?

Chili Cheese Coney was offered at $1 plus tax on September 22, 2022.

How to Use a Free Promo Code?

Typically, you input the promo code at the checkout page before making a payment.

What are Promo Codes?

Promotional codes are alphanumeric strings given by online stores to encourage purchases, usually linked to a promotional marketing strategy


As we step into 2024, it’s evident that with these promo codes at Sonic Drive In, every diner is in for a treat. From discounts that lighten the bill to deals that double the delight, Sonic ensures a flavorful year ahead. Always remember to check the validity and applicability of each sonic promo.code before use.

Note: Offers and sonic restaurant promo codes mentioned are subject to change based on location and availability.

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