Sonic Half Price Shakes after 7 PM in 2024 – For a Limited Time

Sonic Drive-In is back with its popular half-price shakes deal for 2024, offering a delicious array of shakes at 50% off after 7 PM. This summer, you can indulge in a variety of flavors including the timeless favorites like Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry, as well as more adventurous choices such as the Peanut Butter & Bacon Shake, and the Cherry Cheesecake Shake.

These Sonic shakes are all hand-mixed with Sonic’s Real Ice Cream, which is noted for its rich vanilla flavor and creamy texture, setting it apart from typical soft serve options.

Sonic’s Half-Price Shakes After 7 PM

Sonic Drive-In’s half-price shakes offer is available after 7 PM every day during the summer season. This promotion is part of their annual Summer of Shakes campaign, where they feature a wide range of shake flavors, all made with Sonic’s Real Ice Cream. This promotion is available at participating locations of Sonic Drive-In Restaurants for a limited time only.

Sonic's Half-Price Shakes After 7 PM

Variety of Sonic Shakes Flavors

The shake menu includes classic flavors like Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry. More adventurous taste buds can enjoy unique blends such as Peanut Butter & Bacon and Cherry Cheesecake. All shakes are crafted with Sonic’s Real Ice Cream, known for its creamy texture and rich vanilla flavor.

Sonic Drivein Classic Shakes Flavors

Here are the names of the Classic Shakes available at Sonic:

  • Vanilla Classic Shake
  • Fresh Banana Classic Shake
  • Chocolate Classic Shake
  • Caramel Classic Shake
  • Strawberry Classic Shake
  • Hot Fudge Classic Shake
  • REESE’S Peanut Butter Classic Shake

Each of these shakes features a traditional flavor profile, perfect for those who appreciate timeless tastes.

Master Shakes at Sonic

Here are the names of the Master Shakes available at Sonic:

  • OREO® Peanut Butter Master Shake
  • Strawberry Cheesecake Master Shake®
  • Cheesecake Master Shake®
  • OREO® Chocolate Master Shake®
  • OREO® Cheesecake Master Shake®

These shakes are part of Sonic’s premium shake lineup and are designed to offer more complex and indulgent flavor profiles.

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Why Choose Sonic Half Price Shakes?

Sonic’s half-price shakes offer is a standout promotion that combines affordability with high-quality dessert options. These shakes are made with Sonic’s Real Ice Cream, distinguishing them from the more common soft serve alternatives.

This real ice cream provides a richer, smoother base, enhancing the overall flavor and texture of the shakes. The half-price deal is available after 7 PM during the summer, making it a perfect treat for cooling off on warm evenings while enjoying a luxurious, creamy shake at a great value. This promotion includes a variety of shake flavors, allowing customers to explore different taste profiles without stretching their wallets.

Sonic Shakes Pricing Details

Classic Shakes Prices:

Shake Flavor & SizeRegular PriceHalf-Price
Vanilla – Mini$1.99$0.99
Vanilla – Small$2.79$1.40
Vanilla – Medium$3.59$1.80
Vanilla – Large$4.59$2.30
Chocolate – Mini$1.99$0.99
Chocolate – Small$2.79$1.40
Chocolate – Medium$3.59$1.80
Chocolate – Large$4.59$2.30
Strawberry – Mini$1.99$0.99
Strawberry – Small$2.79$1.40
Strawberry – Medium$3.59$1.80
Strawberry – Large$4.59$2.30
Caramel – Mini$1.99$0.99
Caramel – Small$2.79$1.40
Caramel – Medium$3.59$1.80
Caramel – Large$4.59$2.30
Fresh Banana – Mini$1.99$0.99
Fresh Banana – Small$2.79$1.40
Fresh Banana – Medium$3.59$1.80
Fresh Banana – Large$4.59$2.30
Hot Fudge – Mini$1.99$0.99
Hot Fudge – Small$2.79$1.40
Hot Fudge – Medium$3.59$1.80
Hot Fudge – Large$4.59$2.30
Reese’s Peanut Butter – Mini$1.99$0.99
Reese’s Peanut Butter – Small$2.79$1.40
Reese’s Peanut Butter – Medium$3.59$1.80
Reese’s Peanut Butter – Large$4.59$2.30

Master Shakes Prices:

Shake Flavor & SizeRegular PriceHalf-Price
OREO® Peanut Butter – Mini$2.49$1.25
OREO® Peanut Butter – Small$3.29$1.65
OREO® Peanut Butter – Medium$4.09$2.05
OREO® Peanut Butter – Large$5.09$2.55
Strawberry Cheesecake – Mini$2.49$1.25
Strawberry Cheesecake – Small$3.29$1.65
Strawberry Cheesecake – Medium$4.09$2.05
Strawberry Cheesecake – Large$5.09$2.55
Cheesecake – Mini$2.49$1.25
Cheesecake – Small$3.29$1.65
Cheesecake – Medium$4.09$2.05
Cheesecake – Large$5.09$2.55
OREO® Chocolate – Mini$2.49$1.25
OREO® Chocolate – Small$3.29$1.65
OREO® Chocolate – Medium$4.09$2.05
OREO® Chocolate – Large$5.09$2.55
OREO® Cheesecake – Mini$2.49$1.25
OREO® Cheesecake – Small$3.29$1.65
OREO® Cheesecake – Medium$4.09$2.05
OREO® Cheesecake – Large$5.09$2.55

These prices are based on the typical costs found at Sonic Drive-In locations and may vary by region. The half-price deals are usually available after 7 PM during promotional periods.

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