Sonic Drive In Birthday Reward 2024

Sonic Drive-In is making birthdays extra fun in 2024! Here’s the simple scoop: When you use the Sonic app or website to buy anything, you’ll get a free small side as a birthday gift. But first, make sure you’re signed up for Sonic’s rewards program. Once you download the Sonic app, you’re in for more treats.

Right away, they give you a medium-sized Slush or Drink for free, and this offer lasts for 30 days. Plus, when your birthday comes around, you also get a yummy small Classic Shake for free. So, Sonic is all about making your birthday and the days around it a bit more special with these cool freebies.

Sonic Drive In Birthday Treats: Simple Guide

The image is an advertisement for Sonic Drive-In's birthday reward program, offering a free small side with any app or online purchase, redeemable within 30 days of issue.

Welcome Gift

As soon as you get the Sonic app and sign up, you get a free medium Slush or Drink. It’s a thank-you gift from Sonic, and you have 30 days to enjoy it.

Sonic Birthday Side

On your birthday, if you buy something through the Sonic app or website, you’ll get a free small side dish. Remember, you need to be in Sonic’s rewards club to get this birthday side.

Free Birthday Shake

Besides the side dish, Sonic also gives you a small Classic Shake for free on your birthday. Make sure your birthday is added to your profile in the app to get this shake.

How to Get Your Sonic Birthday Goodies

First, download the Sonic app and join their rewards club. Don’t forget to add when your birthday is. Then, you’re all set to enjoy your free drink when you sign up and your birthday side and shake.

More Fun Stuff with Sonic Drive-In

By joining Sonic’s rewards, you don’t just get birthday goodies. You also get to enjoy other deals like half-price drinks sometimes and special app-only offers.

Sonic Drive In regularly update their promotions, offering everything from discounted meals to special happy hour prices on drinks and slushes. Sonic deals 2024 is perfect for grabbing a bite or a cool drink at a great price.

FAQs Regarding Sonic Drive-In Birthday Reward

Does Sonic give you something for your birthday?

Yes, Sonic offers a birthday treat if you’re in their rewards program. Sign up on the Sonic app, enter your birthday, and you’ll get a special free item like a small side or shake. Check the app for the exact offer.

How do I sign up for Sonic’s birthday reward?

To get Sonic Drive-In’s birthday reward, you should join their rewards program by downloading the Sonic app or signing up on their website. During registration, make sure to include your birthday information. This will qualify you for a special birthday treat, such as a free item, which you can redeem around your birthday. The offer usually has a validity period, so keep an eye on the app for details.

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