Sonic Blackout Slush Float To Celebrate Total Solar Eclipse in 2024

Sonic Drive-In is celebrating the rare North American Total Solar Eclipse on April 8, 2024, by launching the Blackout Slush Float. This limited-time treat will be available nationwide from March 25 through May 5.

The Blackout Slush Float is an innovative concoction that symbolizes the eclipse’s darkness with its all-black slush, made from a mix of cotton candy and dragon fruit flavors. It’s topped with creamy vanilla soft serve and adorned with galaxy-themed sprinkles in hues of blue and purple, offering customers a cosmic experience.

Moreover, with each purchase of this celestial-inspired drink, Sonic is giving away complimentary solar eclipse viewing glasses, allowing patrons to safely enjoy the eclipse spectacle.

Blackout Slush Float

What’s in This Eclipse Special Drink?

Sonic’s Blackout Slush Float is a mix of sweet cotton candy and exotic dragon fruit flavors. It’s all black, which makes you think of the dark sky during the eclipse. On top, there’s creamy white ice cream and colorful sprinkles that look like stars and galaxies. It’s like holding a piece of the night sky in your hand!

Sonic Blackout Slush Ingredients List,

Dive into the cosmic delight of Blackout Slush Float Sonic with these key ingredients, combining sweet, fruity flavors with a visually striking presentation:

  • Cotton candy flavor
  • Dragon fruit flavor
  • All-black slush base
  • Creamy white soft serve
  • Galaxy-themed sprinkles in blue and purple shades at Sonic eclipse slush

Sonic’s Blackout Slush bottom has a charcoal-like appearance and offers a unique, visually striking deep black color that perfectly aligns with the blackout theme.

Availability of Sonic Eclipse Drink

The Sonic Blackout Slush Float was introduced just before the total solar eclipse on April 8, aligning with the event that will be visible in Mexico, Canada, and the U.S.

It’s available at participating Sonic locations nationwide until May 5, 2024. Over 400 Sonic locations are within the eclipse’s path of totality.

Price of Sonic Drive-In Solar Eclipse Special

The price of blackout slush float at Sonic and other slushes typically starts from $1.69 for a small size. The Sonic Drive-In Solar Eclipse Special, known as the Blackout Slush Float, is priced at $3.99.

This offer is valid from March 25th through May 2nd, and it also includes free solar eclipse viewing glasses with every purchase while supplies last​.

Free Glasses for the Eclipse

Here’s something cool: when you buy this special drink, Sonic gives you free glasses to watch the eclipse safely. These aren’t regular sunglasses; they’re made just for looking at the sun without hurting your eyes. But remember, they’ll give these out only while they last.

The image showcases Sonic's "Blackout Slush Float" launching on March 25th for a limited time, featuring a visually striking dark slush with white soft serve and galaxy sprinkles on top. Highlighted flavors include dragon fruit and cotton candy. An enticing offer mentions a free pair of solar eclipse viewing glasses with each purchase, while supplies last.

The Blackout Slush Float by Sonic is a cool, dark slush drink mixed with dragon fruit and cotton candy flavors. It’s topped off with creamy soft serve and colorful galaxy sprinkles. Plus, you get a free pair of solar eclipse glasses with your purchase, while supplies last!

What’s a Solar Eclipse?

A solar eclipse happens when the moon gets between the Earth and the sun, hiding the sun for a bit. It turns day into night! When the moon covers the sun completely, that’s called a total eclipse.

It gets really dark, and animals might think it’s night time. This can last from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on where you are.

The Big Event: April 8 Solar Eclipse

This year’s total solar eclipse on April 8 is a big deal. It’s going to pass through parts of Mexico, the United States, and Canada. Many people are excited because this kind of eclipse doesn’t happen often. The moon will cover the sun, and it’s going to look amazing!

More Than Just a Drink

Besides the cool Sonic blackout drink, Sonic Drive in is offering a deal on Crispy Tender Wraps for just $1.99. They come in two tasty flavors: Hickory BBQ and Cheesy Baja. It’s a yummy and cheap snack to enjoy while you’re waiting for the eclipse.

Sonic is also working with Terry Virts, an astronaut, to give you tips on how to enjoy the eclipse. He knows a lot about space and has even seen an eclipse from up there! Plus, buying the special drink or other items at Sonic helps schools through their Limeades for Learning program. They’ve given over $27 million to help education.

Why 2024 Eclipse is Special

The last total solar eclipse seen here was in 2017, but this one is different. The sun is going to be super active because it’s part of an 11-year cycle. Also, the moon will be closer to Earth, making it look bigger and making the dark part of the eclipse last longer in some places.


Sonic’s Blackout Slush drink Float is more than just a tasty treat. It’s a way to get ready for the solar eclipse, with a cool drink, safe viewing glasses, and a bit of fun learning about space. Don’t miss out on this unique experience. Head to Sonic, grab your slush and glasses, and get ready to enjoy one of nature’s most amazing shows!

7 thoughts on “Sonic Blackout Slush Float To Celebrate Total Solar Eclipse in 2024”

  1. Sonic in Dover Tennessee is not giving out the glasses until April 8th. We just bought 5 slushes and were told we could not get the glasses. So sad!!!

  2. What’s in the blackout slush base?
    I can’t find an ingredient list and black drinks are usually made with activated charcoal which would put people that take medication at risk

  3. Is charcoal an ingredient in the “All-black slush base”? If so, there needs to be a disclaimer! Activated charcoal may have the side effect of disabling necessary medications, making medications NOT WORK, while its only purpose as a drink colorant is to make drinks black. This interaction could be serious and potentially life-threatening.

    • The Sonic Blackout Slush Float, created for the solar eclipse, features a cotton candy and dragon fruit-flavored black slush base, topped with ice cream and galaxy sprinkles, without using charcoal​.


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