SONIC Blast® made with HEATH® in 2024

Craving a symphony of flavors that’ll leave you wanting more? Look no further than SONIC’s HEATH® Blast! This delectable dessert combines crunchy HEATH® bar pieces, buttery English toffee, and rich milk chocolate blended with SONIC’s signature creamy vanilla soft serve. Get ready to elevate your dessert experience to a whole new level!

Key Features of Sonic Health Blast

  • Creamy Vanilla Soft Serve
  • Crunchy HEATH® Bar Pieces
  • Buttery English Toffee
  • Rich Milk Chocolate
  • Topped with More HEATH® Pieces
Sonic drive In Health Blast

Price and Availability

You can indulge in SONIC’s HEATH® Blast for a price ranging between $4.99 and $5.99, depending on your location and any ongoing promotions. Prices may vary, so it’s best to check with your local Sonic Drive-In for the most accurate pricing.

Nutritional Information:

Protein (g)15
Carbohydrates (g)123
Total Dietary Fiber (g)1
Total Sugars (g)109
Fat (g)38
Saturated Fat (g)23
Trans Fatty Acid (g)0
Cholesterol (mg)110
Sodium (mg)740
Calories from Fat340
Calcium (mg)340.64
Vitamin A – IU1246
Iron (mg)0.99
Vitamin C (mg)0.13

(Based on a small size)

Customization Options

Looking to make your HEATH® Blast even more irresistible? Feel free to customize your dessert by adding extra toppings or mix-ins to suit your taste buds. Whether you prefer extra HEATH® pieces or a drizzle of caramel, the possibilities are endless!


Is the HEATH® Blast suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, the HEATH® Blast does not contain any meat products and is suitable for vegetarians to enjoy.

Can I adjust the sweetness level of the HEATH® Blast?

While the sweetness level is standard, you can customize your dessert by opting for less or more HEATH® pieces according to your preference.

What is the calorie count for the HEATH® Blast?

A small HEATH® Blast contains approximately 860 calories. However, calorie content may vary based on size and specific ingredients.

Does the HEATH® Blast contain peanuts?

While the HEATH® Blast itself does not contain peanuts, there is a risk of peanut cross-contact with burger and sandwich items. Customers with peanut allergies should review the Sonic Allergen Guide before placing an order.

Final Thought

Indulge your sweet tooth with SONIC’s HEATH® Blast, a perfect blend of creamy vanilla soft serve, crunchy HEATH® bar pieces, and rich milk chocolate. With its irresistible flavors and customizable options, this dessert is sure to satisfy your cravings. Treat yourself to a taste of sweet harmony at your nearest Sonic Drive-In today!

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