Sonic Drive-In Hot Dog Wacky Pack

Looking for a delightful meal that ticks all the boxes of taste, nutrition, and fun? The Hot Dog Wacky Pack® is here to transform your mealtime into an adventure! This bundle is not just any meal; it’s a ticket to a culinary journey that both kids and adults will adore.

What Makes the Hot Dog Wacky Pack® Unique?

This isn’t your ordinary meal; it’s a feast that comes with a twist of fun and a dash of nostalgia. The Hot Dog Wacky Pack® includes:

  • A Premium Beef Hot Dog: 100% pure beef, making every bite an all-American delight.
  • Your Choice of Side: Pick from small Fries, small Tots, or Tree Top® Applesauce to complement your meal.
  • A Refreshing Drink: Complete your dining experience with a beverage of your choice.
Sonic kids Hot Dog Wacky Pack

With a calorie range of 655 – 1020, this pack caters to different nutritional needs and preferences. However, remember that individual calorie requirements vary.

Sonic Hot Dog Wacky Meal Calories

  • Total Calories: 655 – 1020
  • General Nutrition Advice: 2,000 calories a day is recommended, but this may vary.

Price and Availability:

The Sonic Hot Dog Wacky Pack® is affordably priced between $3.39 and $4.99, varying by location and selected side and drink options.

Customization at Your Fingertips:

Tailor your meal with different side and drink choices to fit your taste and nutritional preferences.

Safety First: Please note the new risk of peanut cross-contact with burger and sandwich items. Review the Sonic Allergen Guide before ordering.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the nutritional details of the Hot Dog Wacky Pack®?

The pack ranges from 655 to 1020 calories. For more information, request additional nutritional details upon ordering.

How much does the Hot Dog Wacky Pack® cost?

Prices range from $3.39 to $4.99, depending on location and selected options.

Can I choose a side that fits my dietary preferences?

Yes, you can choose from small fries, tots, or applesauce to complement your meal.

What should I be aware of regarding allergens?

Be informed about the potential risk of peanut cross-contact and consult the Sonic Allergen Guide for safe dining.


The Hot Dog Wacky Pack® from Sonic offers a tasty, nutritious, and customizable meal option suitable for all ages. With a range of sides and drinks to choose from, it’s more than just a meal; it’s an experience. Dive into the world of deliciousness and let your taste buds embark on a journey with the Hot Dog Wacky Pack®!

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