Sonic Pink Drink – Secret about Pink Lady Drink at Sonic!

SONIC® Drive-In, in partnership with Paramount+, is celebrating the premiere of “Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies” with a new Pink Ladies-inspired drink, available through the SONIC App. This unique blend combines Sprite with cherry and vanilla flavors, topped with sweet cream. Besides enjoying half-price drinks and SONIC Cheeseburgers through the app, customers also support public education with each purchase, as SONIC donates part of the sales to its Limeades for Learning initiative. Since 2009, SONIC has contributed over $24 million to local classrooms. The series debuts on April 6 exclusively on Paramount+.

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Composition of the Pink Drink from Sonic

The Pink Lady is a vibrant drink that combines Sprite, cherry juice, and vanilla cream. This trio produces a dazzling bright pink hue, which is captivating and enticing to the eye.

The Sonic Pink Lady drink, a hidden gem on the Sonic drink menu, is a harmonious blend of Sprite, cherry syrup, and vanilla cream. This concoction presents a delightful, vibrant pink hue, encapsulating a perfect balance of sweetness and refreshment.

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Pink Lady Drink Sonic Recipe:

  • 1 cup Sprite
  • 2 tablespoons cherry syrup
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla cream

Pink Lady Sonic Drink Directions

Pour the Sprite into a cup or glass, followed by the cherry syrup and vanilla cream. Stir well. For a cooler experience, consider adding ice.

Perfect for those with a penchant for sweet, fruity beverages, the Pink Lady promises to be a thirst quencher, especially on warm days.

History of the Pink Lady on the Menu

Although now tagged as a ‘secret’ item, the Sonic Pink menu Drink isn’t a new invention. Pink Drink once graced Sonic’s official menu. Even though it has been discontinued, the ingredients remain available, allowing the legacy of the drink to continue.

Customizing Your Sonic Pink Lady

The Pink Lady is versatile and can be tailored according to personal preferences. Highlighting this adaptability, a viral TikTok, who identifies as a Sonic Drive In employee, showcases a version with strawberry and raspberry syrups instead of cherry.

His rendition swaps vanilla cream for lemonade, offering a tangier experience. Whether creamy or tart, the Pink Lady remains a beloved choice among customers.

Pink Lady’s Undying Popularity The Pink Lady drink Sonic Drive In, though no longer a covert gem at Sonic, continues to captivate many with its delightful taste and aesthetic appeal.

How do you order a Pink Drink from Sonic?

While it has earned fame, ensuring that you can typically order by its name, some Sonic employees might still be unfamiliar.

For those instances, a simple order of a sprite with a milk base and a shot of cherry should do the trick.

Fans of the drink have often described it as the perfect blend of sweetness, fruitiness, and refreshment, likening its taste to an upgraded cream soda.


  1. Approach the cashier and request a Pink Lady.
  2. Specify your preferred size and any other modifications when prompted.

Via the Sonic app:

  1. Launch the Sonic app and tap on “Order Food.”
  2. Navigate to “Drinks”, then to “Custom Drinks.”
  3. Find and select the “Pink Lady” drink.
  4. Customize your drink by choosing the size and making other adjustments as desired.

SONIC Celebrates ‘Grease’ Series with Special Drink and Supports Education Through Sales

  • SONIC® Drive-In is partnering with Paramount+ to celebrate the new series, “Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies.”
  • Inspired by the Pink Ladies from Rydell High, SONIC has created a special drink made of Sprite, cherry and vanilla flavors, topped with sweet cream.
  • The drink can be made using the SONIC App, which offers other benefits like half-price drinks and slushes for its members, half-price SONIC Cheeseburgers on Tuesday nights, and monthly rewards and offers.
  • SONIC supports public education through its Limeades for Learning initiative. A portion of the sales from drinks, slushes, and shakes goes towards this cause.
  • Since 2009, SONIC has donated over $24 million, making it one of the major programs supporting public education in the U.S.
  • “Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies” will premiere on April 6 exclusively on Paramount+.
  • Additional notes on mobile ordering availability, conditions for the cheeseburger discount, and more information about the SONIC Foundation and its partnerships.

FAQs Regarding Pink Drink at Sonic Drive In

What is the pink drink at Sonic?

The Pink Lady at Sonic is a refreshing concoction made from Sprite, cherry essence, and sweet cream. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Pink Ladies of the movie ‘Grease’, this drink perfectly balances sweet and tart flavors. It’s a favorite summer sipper for many.

Is the Pink Lady drink from Sonic good?

I finally chose the Cherry, Sweet Cream, and Vanilla flavors to create the Pink Lady. And guess what? It was absolutely delightful!

What is the new Sonic drink 2024?

The Strawberry Snowball Slush Float is Sonic’s latest drink offering for the year. You can find it at select Sonic outlets across the country

Does Sonic have Boba?

Sonic doesn’t offer traditional boba tea with tapioca pearls. Instead, they have a limited-time ‘Bursting Bubbles’ option—edible, flavor-filled spheres with a gel-like exterior that provide a chewy sensation and burst of flavor, reminiscent of boba.

How do you order a Pink Lady on the Sonic app?

For an ideal refreshment during the ‘Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies’ premiere:
1️⃣ Start with Sprite
2️⃣ Add Cherry
3️⃣ Mix in Vanilla
4️⃣ Finish with Cream.
Get ready to channel your Pink Lady vibes!

What is Pink Lady Sonic drink flavor?

Originating from Stemilt Growers in Washington, these apples boast a crisp texture with a sweet-tart taste. While they lean more towards the tart side, they offer a refreshing and effervescent finish.


Secret menu items, like Sonic Pink Lady drink – a blend of Sprite, cherry, and vanilla cream – have grown in popularity. Previously on Sonic’s official menu, this drink can be customized with variations such as lemonade or fruit syrups.

Beyond offering refreshing drinks, Sonic supports public education through its Limeades for Learning initiative. The recent collaboration with “Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies” highlights the drink’s enduring appeal. Whether ordered in-store or via the app, the Pink Lady Drink Sonic offers a delightful experience.

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