Sonic Cheesy Bacon SuperSONIC® Stack – Available for Today

The Cheesy Bacon SuperSONIC® Stack, a limited-time offering at SONIC® Drive-Ins starting May 6, 2024, presents a rich combination of flavors for burger lovers. This special menu item features two beef patties, crispy bacon, three slices of American cheese, and is uniquely served on Texas Toast instead of a bun, along with pickles, diced onions, ketchup, and mayo. It’s available only at participating locations across the U.S., making it a must-try for its novel taste and texture before it disappears from the menu.

Sonic Drive In Cheesy Bacon SuperSONIC Stack - Available for limited time

The Cheesy Bacon SuperSONIC® Stack consists of beef patties, crispy bacon, American cheese, Texas Toast, crinkle-cut pickles, diced onions, ketchup, and mayo.

Availability of Sonic Drive In Cheesy Bacon SuperSONIC Stack

The Cheesy Bacon SuperSONIC® Stack is available for a limited time starting from May 6, 2024, at participating SONIC Drive-Ins across the United States. Due to its limited-time offer, it is advisable to visit your nearest SONIC® location promptly to ensure you get to experience this unique burger while supplies last.

Ingredients List of Cheesy Bacon SuperSONIC® Stack at SONIC® Drive-Ins

The Cheesy Bacon SuperSONIC® Stack at SONIC® Drive-Ins boasts a delectable combination of ingredients crafted to satisfy any burger aficionado’s cravings. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what makes this burger a must-try:

  • Beef Patties: Two seasoned all-beef patties serve as the robust base of this stack, offering a juicy and flavorful foundation.
  • Bacon: Crispy strips of bacon add a smoky, crunchy layer, enhancing the texture and taste of the burger.
  • American Cheese: Three slices of melty American cheese envelop the meat, adding a rich, creamy texture that complements the savory flavors.
  • Texas Toast: Instead of the usual bun, this burger is sandwiched between slices of buttery Texas Toast, which provides a satisfying crunch and buttery flavor.
  • Pickles: Crinkle-cut pickles introduce a tangy and slightly tart element, cutting through the richness of the burger.
  • Diced Onions: The sharpness of freshly diced onions brings a crisp contrast to the burger’s hearty ingredients.
  • Ketchup and Mayo: A combination of tangy ketchup and creamy mayo dresses the burger, melding all the flavors together with a smooth and zesty finish.

This combination of ingredients not only delivers on taste but also creates a multi-textured experience that’s characteristic of SONIC®’s innovative approach to fast food. Be sure to check the availability of the Cheesy Bacon SuperSONIC® Stack at your local SONIC® Drive-In, as this enticing burger is offered for a limited time.

Allergen Information

Contains Flour (Sesame): Please be aware that the Cheesy Bacon SuperSONIC® Stack contains flour and sesame.

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