Sonic Drive In Ultimate Meat & Cheese Breakfast Burrito™

Embark on a journey of flavor with Sonic’s Ultimate Meat & Cheese Breakfast Burrito™. This decadent offering is packed with crispy bacon, savory sausage, golden tots, fluffy scrambled eggs, and smothered in zesty cheese sauce, all wrapped up in a warm flour tortilla. It’s the ultimate choice for those who believe breakfast should be both satisfying and delicious.

Key Features or Ingredients:

  • Eggs: Light and fluffy, offering a perfect base for the other ingredients.
  • Zesty Cheese Sauce: Adds a creamy, spicy kick that elevates the burrito to new heights.
  • Bacon: Crispy and rich, providing a smoky flavor.
  • Tots: Golden and crunchy, adding texture and heartiness.
  • Shredded Cheddar Cheese: Melts perfectly, offering a gooey, cheesy delight.
  • Sausage: Savory and full of flavor, rounding out the meaty component.
  • Tortilla: Soft and warm, the ideal wrap for this hearty feast.
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Price and Availability of Sonic Breakfast Burrito

Priced between $3.69 and $4.49, the Ultimate Meat & Cheese Breakfast Burrito™ offers an exceptional value for its size and quality of ingredients. However, prices may vary by location and current promotions, so always check with your local Sonic for the most current pricing.

Nutritional Information

Protein (g)29
Carbohydrates (g)47
Dietary Fiber (g)2
Sugars (g)1
Fat (g)56
Saturated Fat (g)18
Trans Fat (g)0.5
Cholesterol (mg)355
Sodium (mg)2190
Calcium (mg)258.30
Vitamin A (IU)926.25
Iron (mg)2.71
Vitamin C (mg)1.78

Customization Options

Customize your Ultimate Meat & Cheese Breakfast Burrito™ by adding more of your favorite ingredients, such as extra cheese sauce, bacon, or even jalapeños for those who like it hot. Sonic is ready to make your breakfast dream a reality.


What makes the Ultimate Meat & Cheese Breakfast Burrito™ so special?

It combines premium ingredients like crispy bacon, savory sausage, and zesty cheese sauce, offering a deluxe breakfast experience.

How many calories are in the burrito?

The burrito packs 820 calories, making it a filling option to start your day.

Can I modify my order if I have dietary restrictions?

Absolutely! Sonic accommodates various dietary needs and preferences. Feel free to ask for modifications when placing your order.

Is there an allergen concern with this burrito?

Yes, please be aware of potential peanut cross-contact and check the Sonic Allergen Guide before ordering.

Final Verdict

Sonic’s Ultimate Meat & Cheese Breakfast Burrito™ is a feast for the senses, perfect for those who wish to start their day with an indulgence.

Packed with high-quality ingredients and bursting with flavors, this burrito is sure to satisfy even the biggest of appetites. Whether you’re gearing up for a busy day or simply treating yourself to a delicious breakfast, this burrito promises to deliver satisfaction in every bite.

Treat yourself to the ultimate breakfast experience with Sonic’s Ultimate Meat & Cheese Breakfast Burrito™. Let the rich flavors and hearty ingredients provide the perfect start to your day. Remember, a great day begins with a great breakfast, and with Sonic, you’re always in for a treat!

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