Sonic Drive In Valentine’s Day with Reba McEntire

This Valentine’s Day, Sonic Drive-In has a cool surprise with the famous singer Reba McEntire! They’re rolling out the “Reba McEntire Sonic Meal,” a special treat for everyone in love. This meal is a mix of Sonic’s yummiest food, chosen by Reba herself, making your Valentine’s celebration super fun.

Picture this: enjoying Sonic’s tasty food and feeling the love just like Reba does. The “Sonic Valentine’s Day” special is all about sharing happiness and delicious bites.

So, gear up for a memorable meal that blends Reba’s favorites with Sonic’s classic tastes. This Valentine’s, let’s make it special with the “Reba Sonic meal,” perfect for sharing love and joy!

Famous country singer Reba McEntire is having a great start to the year. She began with a love-filled meal at her most-loved fast-food place, Sonic.

Sonic Drive in valentines day

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Reba’s Sweetheart Meal: A Sonic Valentine’s Special

On February 8, Sonic shared news about working together with McEntire on a special “Reba’s Sweetheart Meal.” This special meal, made with McEntire’s help, will be available to order all over the country just in time for Valentine’s Day, starting February 12.

Reba shared her long-time love for Sonic with “I’ve loved Sonic since I was a sophomore in high school in Kiowa, Oklahoma. I went to the same school there for 12 years,” she said. She remembers it made her think of her favorite TV shows like ‘Ozzie and Harriet’ and ‘Father Knows Best,’ where characters would often go to a drive-in for a burger.

Sonic Valentine’s Day Specials:

Sonic Valentine's Day Specials
  • Sonic Cheeseburger: A classic favorite.
  • Tater Tots: McEntire’s well-documented favorite side.
  • Sonic Valentine’s Shake Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shake: A new addition featuring a blend of strawberries and chocolate flakes mixed into vanilla soft serve, topped with chocolate whipped cream, more chocolate flakes, and a cherry. check out Simple Sonic Pink Drink.

A Deep-Rooted Love for Sonic

McEntire has always been a big fan of Sonic, even talking about it on shows like “Late Night with Seth Meyers.” She joked about her simple way to enjoy Tater Tots: just drive to the nearest Sonic. She even shared Tots with her fellow coaches on “The Voice” Season 24.

The Tots: A Love Story

There’s a sweet story behind McEntire’s nickname, “Tater Tot.” It came from her boyfriend, Rex Linn, on their first date. After dinner, when a waitress asked if they wanted appetizers, McEntire chose Tater Tots. That’s when Rex called her “Tater Tot,” and the name stuck. When McEntire’s sister, Susie, heard it, she suggested Rex should be “Sugar Tot.” So, they became “The Tots.”

Valentine’s Traditions with The Tots

For Valentine’s Day, McEntire shared that she and Linn love to keep things traditional. In 2023, she mentioned spending the holiday at Sonic, staying true to their love for the place.

Celebrating Love and Achievements

Before Valentine’s Day, McEntire is excited about a big event: she will sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl on February 11.

This performance is special, marking 50 years since she first sang it in 1974. She’s chosen an outfit by Ralph Lauren for the occasion and feels excited rather than nervous, focusing on the honor of the performance, not on herself.

Reba’s Place: A Culinary Celebration

McEntire is also celebrating the first anniversary of her restaurant, Reba’s Place, in Atoka, Oklahoma, which even got a mention in the New York Times for its chicken-fried steak. She surprises guests sometimes by singing on stage, enjoying their reactions.

Gratitude for a Storied Career

With a career full of achievements, from Grammy Awards to acting, McEntire feels grateful for the love her work has received. Her curiosity keeps her exploring new opportunities in music, writing, Broadway, TV, and movies. She feels incredibly happy and blessed with her life and career.

FAQs Regarding Valentine’s Day at Sonic

What is included in the Sonic Valentine’s Day special meal?

The meal includes a Sonic Cheeseburger, Tater Tots, and the Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shake.

When will the Sonic Valentine’s Day special meal be available?

The special meal will be available starting February 12, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

How long has Reba McEntire loved Sonic?

Reba McEntire has loved Sonic since she was a sophomore in high school in Kiowa, Oklahoma.

Why is the Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shake special?

It’s a new addition featuring strawberries and chocolate flakes mixed into vanilla soft serve, topped with chocolate whipped cream, extra chocolate flakes, and a cherry, created in collaboration with McEntire.

Can I find the Sonic Valentine’s Day special meal at all Sonic locations?

Yes, the special meal will be available at Sonic locations across the country.


Reba McEntire’s partnership with Sonic for the Valentine’s Day special meal highlights her longstanding affection for the brand and brings a unique offering to fans across the country. The initiative not only celebrates love but also McEntire’s vibrant career and her connection with her fans through her favorite fast-food chain.

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