Sonic Vegan Options 2024 – How to Order?

With over 3,500 outlets spread across 46 states, it’s likely you’ll encounter a Sonic Drive-In sooner or later. This fast-food chain evokes memories of the old-school drive-thru days, offering affordable, quick, and satisfying meals like burgers, hot dogs, and fries.

While Sonic features all these staples, it’s important to note that they do not offer vegan versions. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a plant-based meal and Sonic is your only choice, there are a few decent selections available. Here’s a guide to navigating vegan dining at Sonic.

Vegan Options at Sonic Drive-In

While Sonic Drive-In doesn’t provide vegan versions of its signature burgers and fries, it doesn’t completely leave vegans without choices. Although it’s behind some other large fast-food chains in not offering plant-based meat alternatives, there are still options available for those avoiding animal products.

Understanding Cross-Contamination

It’s worth noting that vegan items at Sonic might be prepared in the same equipment as meat products, raising concerns about cross-contamination. However, many vegans prioritize ingredients over potential trace cross-contamination, especially in establishments that serve a wide audience rapidly.

Top 8 Sonic Drive-In Vegan Options

While Sonic’s vegan menu might not be extensive, there are still some carb-centric choices available for those following a plant-based diet. Below are the vegan-friendly options at Sonic:

1. Potato Fries

Potato Fries vegan options at sonic drive in

Potatoes are essential for vegans, and Sonic provides a great option with its animal-free fries. Unlike McDonald’s, which uses animal ingredients, Sonic’s fries are suitable for vegans. Enjoy these with your choice of vegan-friendly toppings like ketchup or mustard, and pair them with another vegan dish from the menu.

2. Crispy Onion Rings

vegan options at sonic the Crispy onion rings

For those not worried about shared cooking spaces, Sonic’s onion rings are a vegan delight. Typically, onion rings are made with eggs, but Sonic offers a plant-based version, making it a unique choice among fast-food outlets.

3. Vegan Tater Tots

vegan options sonic tater tots

Thankfully, most tater tots, including those at Sonic, are vegan-friendly. These crispy, fried potato bites are perfect with any plant-based dip, though they’re especially delicious with classic ketchup or a combination of salsa and a sweet Cherry Slush.

4. Butter-Free Pretzel Twist

vegan options sonic butterfree pretzel twist

Carb lovers can rejoice with Sonic’s vegan twist on the traditional pretzel. Usually served with butter and cheese sauce, you can opt for a vegan version without the butter and substitute the cheese dip with a vegan alternative like marinara sauce or mustard.

5. Build Your Vegan Sandwich

vegan sonic options are the build your own sandwiches

Sonic doesn’t have ready-made vegan sandwiches, but you can create your own. However, be aware that the bread’s vegan status may vary by location due to different local suppliers. The types of bread you might find include:

  • Bagels (at some locations)
  • Hamburger, hot dog, hoagie, and Texas Toast buns (which might contain eggs or dairy)
  • Soft Pretzel Twists
  • Tortillas (which might contain eggs or dairy)

Instead of just eating plain bread, stuff it with a variety of fresh or grilled vegetables and add a vegan sauce for extra flavor, like mustard or BBQ. Sonic offers a good selection of veggies:

  • Avocado, diced onions, dill pickle chips, and grilled onions
  • Hatch green chiles, jalapeños, lettuce, and sauerkraut
  • Sport peppers, sweet pickle relish, and tomatoes

6. Frito’s Corn Chips

frito's corn chips at Sonic Vegan menu

Frito’s corn chips are a snack that, surprisingly, doesn’t contain animal products. They’re great with salsa or crushed as a crunchy topping for your custom sandwich.

7. Vegan Dips and Dressings

Sonic Drive In dips and dressing vegan options

Sonic has a variety of vegan-friendly sauces to add zest to your meal. Besides the classics like BBQ, ketchup, and mustard, consider these extras for added flavor:

  • BBQ and grape jelly
  • Lemon juice and marinara
  • Pepper and “Salsa de Sonic”
  • Salt, strawberry jam, sweet and sour sauce, and sweet relish

8. Refreshing Beverages and Slushes

sonic vegan slushes and drinks

Pair your meal with a vegan-friendly slush or beverage. Avoid the cheesecake syrup, as it contains milk, but all other slush syrups are vegan-friendly. Drink options include:

  • Lemonade and Limeade Slushes
  • Plain slush with various vegan syrup flavors like Blackberry Sugar-Free and Blue Raspberry

And if you’re not in the mood for slushes, Sonic offers a wide range of vegan drink options:

  • Soft drinks like Coca-Cola and Sprite
  • Teas, coffee, and juice options like Fresh Brewed Sweet Tea and Minute Maid juices
  • Sonic Wave Bottled Water

While Sonic’s vegan food options may be limited, the variety in drinks and the possibility to customize your own sandwich offer plenty of choices for a satisfying meal. With the growing trend of fast-food chains adding plant-based options, we might see Sonic expanding its vegan menu soon.

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