Sonic Drive In Strawberry Sundae Review

Embark on a fruity adventure with our Strawberry Sundae, featuring creamy vanilla soft serve, luscious strawberry fruit, fluffy whipped topping, and a cheerful cherry on top. This treat is more than just a dessert; it’s a celebration of sweet, tangy flavors, perfectly combined for your enjoyment.

Unwrap the Sweetness: Key Ingredients

  • Vanilla Soft Serve: Creamy and cool, a timeless favorite.
  • Strawberry Fruit: Fresh and fruity, bursting with natural flavors.
  • Whip Topping: Adds a soft, airy texture to each bite.
  • Cherry Fruit: The classic finish to a perfect sundae.
Sonic Strawberry Sundae calories and price

Sweet Deal: Price and Availability

Indulge in this berry masterpiece for an affordable $3.59 to $4.49, a small price for a taste of summer. Availability may vary, so please check the price at your local Sonic.

Easy-to-Digest Nutritional Information:

Calories380 cal
Protein7 g
Carbohydrates62 g
Dietary Fiber1 g
Sugars55 g
Fat12 g
Saturated Fat9 g
Trans Fat0 g
Cholesterol50 mg
Sodium310 mg
Calcium173.40 mg
Vitamin A578.18 IU
Iron0.50 mg
Vitamin C14.58 mg

Tailor-Made Sweetness

Customize your sundae experience with additional toppings or adjust according to dietary needs. Consult the Sonic Allergen Guide for safe customization.

Popular Questions Answered

What are the caloric details of the Strawberry Sundae?

The sundae contains 380 delightful calories.

Can I customize the Strawberry Sundae?

Yes! Feel free to add extra toppings or make it suit your dietary preferences.

How much does the Strawberry Sundae cost?

Expect to pay between $3.59 and $4.49, depending on your location.

Is there a risk of peanut cross-contamination?

Yes, please be aware of potential peanut cross-contact risks.

Final Scoop:

The Strawberry Sundae at Sonic is your ticket to a refreshing, fruity delight. Every spoonful is a blend of creamy, tangy, and sweet, making it the perfect treat to brighten your day. Don’t wait for summer; let every day be a sundae day!

Berry Important Reminder:

Every day deserves a touch of sweetness. Treat yourself to a Strawberry Sundae and let the good times roll, one berry-filled spoonful at a time.

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