Sonic’s New Dirty Sodas: Tropical Twists on Your Favorite Classics

Sonic has introduced new “dirty” drinks where you can mix coconut, cream, and lime with sodas like Dr Pepper and Fanta Orange. This trend, known as “dirty soda,” makes regular drinks richer and more unique. It’s part of Sonic’s effort to offer more personalized and non-alcoholic beverage options.

These Sonic Menu drinks are available for a limited time at select locations. The idea follows popular trends and caters to customers’ evolving tastes.

limited time sonic dirty drinks

Sonic Dirty Drinks list

Here’s a list of Sonic dirty drinks you can order by adding the “Make it Dirty” option:

  • Dr Pepper® Dirty: Add coconut, cream, and lime.
  • Fanta® Orange Dirty: Mix in coconut, cream, and lime.
  • Coca-Cola® Dirty: Combine with coconut, cream, and lime.
  • Sprite® Dirty: Infuse with coconut, cream, and lime.
  • Diet Coke® Dirty: Blend with coconut, cream, and lime.
  • Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar Dirty: Enhance with coconut, cream, and lime.
  • Barq’s® Root Beer Dirty: Spice up with coconut, cream, and lime.

Remember, availability may vary by location, so check with your local Sonic.

Check out the full Sonic drinks menu here.

Sonic Soft Drinks Option for Combination to Make it Dirty

Personalize your drink or slush at Sonic by adding real fruit and candy via the app or online. Enjoy exclusive early access to new products and special deals. Sonic Drinks Available options vary by location and include a variety of Coca-Cola® products, Dr Pepper®, Barq’s® Root Beer, Sprite®, Hi-C® Fruit Punch, Fanta® Orange, and unique beverages like Ocean Water® and POWERADE® Mountain Berry Blast® Slush.

Sonic Drive-In Dirty Drinks Pricing

The “Make it Dirty” add-on at Sonic, which adds coconut, cream, and lime to any drink, is priced at approximately $1.30 extra. However, prices may vary by location. This option is available for a limited time and allows customers to enjoy a customized beverage experience with a tropical twist​.

Check out the Sonic happy hour for discounted drinks.

How to order dirty drinks from Sonic?

To order dirty drinks from Sonic, follow these steps:

  1. Visit your local Sonic drive-in or open the Sonic app or website.
  2. Select your favorite soda flavor such as Dr Pepper or Fanta Orange.
  3. Choose the “Make it Dirty” option, which adds a mix of coconut, cream, and lime.
  4. Confirm your order and make any other customizations as desired.
  5. Complete the purchase and pick up your custom dirty soda from Sonic.

Enjoy your unique beverage with the tropical twist of coconut, cream, and lime!

Dirty Drink Review

I tried Sonic’s new dirty sodas, which mix coconut, cream, and lime with regular sodas like Dr Pepper. It’s a cool change from normal soda and tastes tropical. Sonic is closer to me than Swig, making it easier to grab one. If you’re looking for something new to drink, Sonic’s dirty soda is worth trying for a fun twist on traditional flavors. It’s convenient and tastes great!

FAQ’s Regarding Sonic Drinks

What is a dirty drink?

Generally, a dirty drink refers to cocktails like a Dirty Martini with olive brine. At Sonic, it means adding coconut cream and lime to soda, making it creamy and flavorful​.

What are dirty drinks from Sonic?

Sonic’s dirty drinks let customers add coconut, cream, and lime to any soda, creating “dirty soda” options like Dirty Dr Pepper and Dirty Fanta Orange for an extra charge​.

What is the ‘make it dirty’ option at Sonic?

The ‘make it dirty’ option at Sonic allows customers to add a tropical twist to their drinks. This includes a blend of coconut, cream, and lime, transforming standard soda flavors into creamy, refreshing beverages.

What is Sonic’s new drink?

While specific to dirty drinks wasn’t mentioned, Sonic recently introduced the Black-out slush float, inspired by the solar eclipse.

Dirty Drink Ad at Sonic

9 thoughts on “Sonic’s New Dirty Sodas: Tropical Twists on Your Favorite Classics”

  1. I was finally able to try a Dirty Dr Pepper yesterday and it was DELICIOUS! This is something I would go out of my way to Sonic and order for. I was so sad to learn that yesterday was the last day they were on the menu. Please bring them back and make them a permanent part of the menu! Especially with summer coming up!

  2. They have already been discontinued. What a crock of shit to offer something new for a couple of weeks and then take it away.

    • At my local sonic you can add the dirty trio individually still to any of the drink offerings – just in case that’s an option at yours

  3. Bring back the dirty drinks option!!! I love to make my Diet Coke dirty and now it’s gone!!! And I tried to make it with the blue coconut flavoring and it just wasn’t the same.


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